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Dr Erin Kline

We put care back into your health care

You and your health are our top priority. That means our chiropractor will always consult with you to develop your own personalized treatment plan that’s designed to get rid of pain in your life and restore your energy and well-being. In our 3 Phase Treatment approach, we use only natural techniques that do not rely on prescription drugs or surgery… all at an affordable cost.

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Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni


A positive  nurturing atmosphere of healing and growth

Dr. Erin Kline graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She sets the standards to ensure our staff are selected from the most highly skilled, certified professionals who are dedicated to quickly solving your problems in a warm, friendly supportive way.

 Your personal privacy is always respected. Treatments and consultations are able to be done in closed rooms.

 We coach you every step of the way to discover how to increase your vitality and improve your overall health.

Quality of Life

Enhance the quality of your life

Get relief from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches or other ongoing pain that are the results of conditions like

  • fibromyalgia
  • sciatica
  • degenerative disc disease
  • bulging disks
  • sports injuries
  • car accidents.


We design your personal treatment plan to give you the relief you need effectively and rapidly through our wide variety of treatment techniques.

We treat your entire family and and have special programs for women and the elderly.


Get immediate relief and long term restoration of your health

See our chiropractor if you have ongoing pain. Our first objective is to relieve your pain fast.

 Then we guide you through our 6 Facets of Health program to restore and maintain your body’s natural state of health. Services offered include Chiropractic, Electrical Stimulation, Spinal Traction, Ultrasound, Spinal Reflex Therapy, Massage, Exercise Rehabilitation, Orthotics and Support, and Diet & Nutrition Counseling.

 You feel better, move more easily, have better strength and balance, do the things you want to do in life, reduce the chance of future injuries, and minimize the risk of suffering from chronic diseases associated with aging.

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